Fishing Fiesta

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed watching a fishing competition put on by a local government on Siquijor during their Fiesta.  There were 16 entries- some were team entries and some were single fishers- and they brought in their fish pots of various sizes.  The fish pot is pretty cool, they leave it out in the water for a week, and when fish swim in, they can’t get back out, but no bait is used, and it is considered a non-destructive fishing method.  Then the catch was weighed, and prizes were awarded at the end of the day. I really loved seeing how proud the men were of the baskets of fish they brought in; it is a very big deal to be acknowledged as a good fishermen!

The perfect meal for the day-raw, fresh fish with ginger and seaweed with a sweet ube roll- delicious!

One team bringing in their fish pot and catch

The only woman who came in with the fishing boats wades ashore

One of the fishermen combing his hair- it’s important to clean up!

Look at this sun protection! I think his pink hat and cowl neck sweater are adorable!

I am so small, but I have such a big mouth!

One team’s catch- look at that huge eel!

Guess what kind of creature I am?

The welcoming crowd on the wharf

Those teeth are scary!

This is what happens to a sea star when it comes up from a depth too fast- it turns into a balloon

Beautiful reef fish on the scale- it almost feels wrong to eat such pretty fish!